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go Pocket movement drills are a crucial part of training the quarterback in the pocket and training their feet to work independently of their upper body.

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Included Drills: 
Basic Pocket Movement
Pocket Movement with Backside Escape
6 Cone Drill
Pocket Movement with Throw
Pocket Movement over Boards (Phone Booth)
Ladder and Weave
5 Step Drops with Backfoot Movement
Checkdown Pop your Hips
Over the Bags
Over the Bags-Lateral
Ladder-Around the Bag
 Ladder +Around the Bags
12 Cone Drill
Back Foot Movement with throw
2 Cone Drill
Around The Cones
Down The Lines-Drop-hitch-throw
Down The Lines-Drop-hitch-settle-throw
Down The Lines-Drop-hitch-settle-backside escape
Over the Lines
Sprint Left-Pop Hips
Sprint Left-Run Pocket-5 Step Drop-Back foot movement
4 Ball Pop Your Hips
5 Step Drop, Step Up, Slide Left or Right
W Drill
Triangle Drill
Backside Escape with Dip Technique